"I don't need to cause I'm to cute!"

Zoran is Astro's sister, friend and companion in Astro Boy 2003 series. She is portrayed as a typical small girl, being cheeky, mischievous and can even be downright annoying at times. Unlike Astro, which can be easily seen as a robot, Zoran doesn't have such robotness which allows her to 'blend in'.

She cares for her brother, however can also be jealous of him at times, which is clearly shown in one episode.

Another difference with Astro is that he has a lot of powers, Zoran has only one: the ability to communicate with animals. This ability has helped Astro on his adventures at times, and allowed her to befriend a bird named Houdini.


Zoran was created by Dr. O'Shay in order to give Astro a family (or at least part of it) in his plan to make Astro more human-like in the episode Little Sister, Big Trouble. When Astro first sees her, she is pulling O'Shays nose (following a tradition, every single series featuring Zoran's debut has her doing so) and refusing to let go. When Astro forefully pulls her away, she begins to cry in a childish manner and Astro has to comfort her to make her stop. Zoran than instantly takes off after a terrified Momo, displaying her childish personality.


Zoran is depicted as a typical young sister/girl.


Dr. O'Shay only noted that Zoran only has two abilities.

  • Zoolingualism: Zoran's special ability is able to communicate with many types of animals.
  • Super Strength: Zoran is shown to to have superhuman strength, however she is inferior compared to Astro.


Zoran is pretty much shown to be how she always looked with a different dress in order to appeal to more western audieces. She is entirely dressed in pink, and features her trademark 'side horns' and is built with cuteness in mind. Because of this, she has a habit of acting that way, much to the annoyance of Astro.


  • Houdini


  • Zoran hummed her own song in the 80s series at one point.
  • O'Shay admitted that at first he wanted to give Zoran the same amount of horsepower as Astro, however he couldn't.

First appearance: Little Sister, Big Trouble