Power Up! is the pilot episode of the 2003 series of Astro Boy, featuring Astro on his first adventure.


The episode starts with Dr O'Shay attempting to bring Astro (still bearing the name 'Tobio') to life. Just before it happens, O'Shay realises there isn't enough sufficient power to do so, and phones the Magnamite Power Station in order to recieve a power boost. Although the boost does bring Astro to life (i.e. it works) it overloads Magnamite, the power station robot in the process.

O'Shay informs Astro that its his 'new life', and renames him 'Astro' (after finding a Astro Omni Tech label).

Meanwhile, back at the power station, things quickly grow out of hand as Magnamite, wishing to relieve the access power, breaks free.

Back at the Ministy of Science, Dr O'Shay shows the lead scientists Astro, who seem uninpressed by him, even when O'Shay tells them that Astro has a 'heat and soul' and leaves a dumbstruck O'Shay wondering about him. The silence was soon broken by Yuko, who informs him that he is late. O'Shay hurriedly tells Nora to take good care of Astro.

Astro instantly gets bored of Nora's bland and uninteresting lessons, and escapes to see the world. After a brief argument with two construction robots over work, he hears (through his enhanced hearing) that O'Shay is in trouble, and quickly takes off. He finds Magnamite attacking O'Shay, and the police (headed by Inspector Tawashi) is only making the situation worse. A battle insures.

The chaos is finally over when Astro tells Magamite to give some of his access power to him and then carries him back to the station ("you rest! I'll drive!") before long, and Astro becomes an instant robot hero.

The episode ends with Tenma saying "so we start again, my Tobio".

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