In Metro City, the Minister of Science is the head of the Ministry of Science, which often serves as the city's government, especially in the field of robotics. It is unknown as to exactly what are the minister's roles and responsibilities, however it is assumed that s/he is one of the leaders in the city, being present at the majority of unveilings and ceremonies (or at least in O'Shays case). Although Chairman Lyon is the official leader and chairman of the city, the Minister more than often assumes the role as such.


Dr O'Shay, the current Minister of Science.

Before 2043, Dr Tenma has served as the Minister for an unknown amount of time, until he was driven insane by he's failure at parenting (after losing both Astro and Tobio), although he has always shown symptoms of borderline insanity. O'Shay then took the role of the minister himself, and has not retired as of yet.

The minister every year presents the Robot of the Year Award on a regular basis.