Kokoro is a definition used by Dr O'Shay to describe robots with human emotions, and feelings, and that of a heart and soul.


Ever since Astro was reactivated by Dr O'Shay, many questioned on Kokoro. Many believe robots shouldn't have feelings and emotions like humans, and simple should be a "robot". Dr O'Shay express greatly how this could increase the relations between humans and robots. After Astro stops the robot, Magnamite. Due to Astro stopping the robot, and saving Metro City, people are starting to believe in Kokoro, and should be applied to other robots. However, despite this, many still feel it to be wrong. Many noteworthy people is the police inspector, Tawaishi, expresses great dislikeness towards robots, especially those with Kokoro. But he would still work with Astro if it means saving the city.

List of Kokoro RobotsEdit

Note: there could more kokoro robots. If anyone knows more, please list them here.