'Dr 'Umataro Tenma is the creator of Astro Boy, a brilliant scientist and also ex-Minister of Science. He is known for being a secondary villian in the series. He is portrayed to have borderline insanity: he lives much away from other people, sometimes talks to himself and doesn't trust anyone, also he has a habit of mourning over his deceased son, Tobio.

Tenma, amazed by Astro's abilities, believed in that "robots are the future" and because of this made many plans in order for robots to "take over" Metro City. He and Dr O'Shay are shown to be long-time rivals.


Tenma is shown to be a widower (although in other versions he is shown to be married to Hoshie Tenma) and a lonely figure.

Before & After Astro

Tenma's personality was greatly altered by Astro. Beforehand, he is shown to dislike robots (proved when he attempted to heartlessly throw out Nora and replace her with a Nora 3000). However, convinced by Astro's personality and heroism, he decided that Astro is the rightful ruler of the world (to the point where he began to worship robots and even attempt to help the robots overthrow humans).

Notable robots he made


Astro Boy