Dr O'Shay is the step-father and family member to Astro and a main character (which appears in every single episode) of the 2003 series Astro Boy. Nothing is known about his early life except he is known to be a widower and has no children (or at least they are never referenced to) however always wanted one, as he is in the same household with Astro, Zoran and even Nora.

Despite this he is also an important figure in Metro City and being Minister of Science acts like a leader for humans and robots everywhere.


O'Shay has a large nose shaped like an eggplant, that is apparently his most sensitive area. Because of this, he is often known to get into nose fights (with people which have also abnormally large noses, such as Inspector Tawashi) and is sometimes shown to fall off (shown in the original series) although in the 2003 series it never happened. Its size also meant it was a target for the cheeky Zoran (she was shown pulling the nose in her debut in every series). Another notable feature for O'Shay is his white tufts of hair that wraps around his head in a bald type of manner.

Role in the SeriesEdit

O'Shay pretty much took up the role of Astro's father in the series. He believes that robots shouldn't harm humans, under all circumstances.