Battle Bot (or Battle-Bot) is the 38th episode of Astro Boy.


Astro and Emily


Emily is a child robot living on a distant asteroid, as part of a project in order to help humans colonise space. She, along with her mother and father, are programmed to act as humans would. However, anti-robot groups are always a threat: and before one (lead by Mr Drake) strikes. Emily's parents hastily put Emily in an escape capsule, telling her to find the Blue Knight, claiming that he has Kokoro, which allows him to harm humans, while robots without Kokoro are forced to obey. Emily oblidges, however as she soon finds out that is impossible without assistance, as she couldn't even open the capsule's hatch. She soon stumbles across Astro, who realises her and tells her that they will rescue their parents. Emily, however, refuses, claiming that she wants to rescue her parents, and orders Astro to transform her into a battle bot. Soon, they coincedentally meet The Blue Knight's spaceship (much to Emily's disbelief) and travel onboard. The Blue Knight, after much consideration, does transform her in a battle bot. However, when going into the space station where the robots are held, it seems as if Emily is the only robot that can go in due to numerous circumstances. A battle insures, and Emily soon returns with her parents.

Emily is then transformed back into a child robot (after a frightful moment where it seems it couldn't be done) and claims she never wants to be a battle bot again.

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