"I think I just found my Purpose"
—Astro, Power Up!

Astro Boy (often shortened to Astro, and known as Tobio before he found O'Shay) is the main character in the series of the same name written by Osamu Tezuka . He is a android with the capability to display emotion and has the ability to think and reason ('Kokoro' as defined by Dr O'Shay). Hidden in his body are seven secret powers which can be used anytime.

Astro is one of the founding members of the Sky Riders



Astro was created by Dr Tenma as a 'replacement' for Tobio, his deceased son. Tenma, overcome with grief, decided to make an identical robot copy of his son, which he will raise just like his own. Tenma, however, during the project lost the trust of his fellow scientists, who had thought that he has been overcome with grief and longing for his son as as a result went insane. Tenma, who was indeed displaying signs of insanity at that point, finished his project and named the robot after his son. Unfortunately, things got out of hand as soon as Astro was led into the basement full of broken robots (including Nora) and Astro (doing the same thing Tobio has done) asks for Tenma to fix it. After Tenma refuses, Astro rebels against him (the same thing Tobio has done) and as a result Tenma shuts Astro down using a robot collar of some sort.

Before long, Tenma well and truly went insane, and burnt down the lab of the Ministry of Science and resigning his position as minister . The robot, though, was found by Tenma successor (O'Shay) who attempted to bring it back to life and succeeded. The robot was renamed Astro, and O'Shay brought him up as a child and taught him to save Metro City.

O'Shay then made him as human-like as possible through means of allowing him to go to school, interact with friends and even gave him a robotic sister (Zoran), which he is very protective of. Despite at time acting and behaving like a normal human boy, when duty calls he often fights and defeats evil robots, humans and on occasion aliens (with the memorable quote "I think I found my purpose!").

"First Activation"

Astro was first activated by Dr. Tenma, who built him in the shape of Tobio right down to the last detail. Tenma promised himself beforehand that he would use this robot to pretty much to give him a second chance to parent Tobio. This included hiding all broken robots in the basement (after Tobio became upset after Tenma refused to fix them) and various others. To his dismay, despite his efforts the exact same thing happened with Astro, and Tenma eventually gave up a shutted Astro down.

Due to this, even after getting his memory wiped when Astro was re-activated by O'Shay he still had "flashbacks" or "memories" of Tobio. O'Shay was at first frightened by this; however as these became more of these flashbacks happened he eventually told Astro the truth.


"Let's ROCKET!"

Astro is shown to be friendly, fun-loving and approachable. He is one of the sole believers that humans and robots may become friends (which in the end becomes an reality) and is not a supporter of both (shown when he stopped both Grudon and The Blue Knight).In his circle of friends, he is shown to be the person that stops arguments.


The 2003 Astro is shown to have many of Astro's 'famous' features, such as his tushie, red boots and 'horns'. His feet size has been enlarged, though. He is depicted as a typical boy (of course without clothes, although he wears them in many formal occasions, notably a tux) and can even peform feats the majority of robots find impossible, such as the consumption of food.


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Astro is shown to have an arm cannon, digibeam, enhanced hearing, capability of flight, butt machine guns (shown only in Astro Boy: Omega Factor) and a eye scanner. He is shown to be a hero for Metro City.

  • Flight: One of Astro's most notably abilities is his capacity of flight. With the thrusters on his legs, and arms, he is able to perform aerobatic moves, and techniques.
  • High-Beams: Astro is able to light his way in the darkest of ares with light from his eyes.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Astro hearing is more sensitive then that of a human, and can hear voices most humans would not.
  • Energy Cannnon: Astro has two energy cannons he can use from his arms. The hands goes inside the arm, and out comes a relay-like object, which produces energy beams.
  • Digibeam: The Digibeam is one of Astr's most likely, powerful ability, as it was able to cut through a object even the drills was not able to.
  • Super Strength: Astro's possesses superhuman strength, and is able to left 10x his body weight.
  • Eye Scanner: As a robot, Astro is able to scan objects, and get information on them.
  • Machine Guns Astro Boy: Omega & Astro Boy (Film)): Astro is able to use 3 machine guns that comes from his backside, on the butt :3.

Other Appearances

=Ravex in Tezuka World

In Ravex in Tezuka World, he is shown to be found on a chunk of rock floating out in space. Ravex find him and revive him using the power of music.




  • Unamed human Rocket Ball player


  • Epsilon: As shown in the manga, Astro thinks of Epsilon as his bigger sister, notably when she hugged him after he told her his worries about the human-robot war.
  • Atlas: Atlas and Astro were at first enemies, however when Atlas was finally given the chance to defeat Astro, he didn't, commenting on "their brothers" that is, they were both built by Tenma. He eventually fought alongside him in the human-robot battle.